Lets talk about Renegade X! :D


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So the dudes makeing it say they will have a playable version out on the 30'th!

Unreal 3 is only $10, less at some places! You should all come play this game! It is the BEST!


I am sure most of you played the original C&C at some point, Renegade is that in first/3rd person! :dahroll:
Hmm. IMO, there are already WAY to many RTS games. Not saying they are bad, just overdone.
Okay, first, right off the bat, Renegade sucked. The SP mode was pretty good, but the multiplayer "C&C Mode" just doesn't work. The kind of gameplay does not translate well to FPS, where you have n00bs and people that are 1337 and don't listen to any sort of strategy.

Also, why the UT3 engine? Source has a bigger install base and is generally preferred by modders. Guess someone was a UT3 fan.