Learning made easy (?)


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So, normally, to solidify my knowledge on a physics subject, I read the book and watch Khan academy videos. This way I learn the material from both a formal and a casual standpoint. This method has allowed me to achieve perfect scores on most all of my tests. Anyway, I'm trying to learn a chapter on sound waves right now, but Khan doesn't have any videos on the subject.

Do any of you know a good method to learning things (online), particularly sound waves? :) Alternatively, this thread can be used to discuss effective methods of learning such as SRS (spaced repetition system).

By the way, I use this book for those of you who might care. It's the bee's knees.
Here's another technique. Mindlessly read through the Wikipedia article and any relevant related articles. The only problem being that you will quickly become distracted and end up reading about the M4 Sherman tank or something equally unrelated.