Learning a new instrument?


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Yo. I currently play the Trombone and Piano, but I've been kinda getting bored of playin' friggin half notes, quarter notes, and whole notes while the Trumpets and Flutes get all the sixteenth notes, melody, and all that jazz. Should I learn to play another instrument? (Oh, and don't suggest the guitar, I'm not interested at the moment.)
Umm... You can play whatever you want. Whole Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes, 16th Notes, 32 Notes, 64th Notes are possible on any instrument (Theoretically. Probably not probable)
It's all about creativity.

But if you want to learn another instrument I suggest:

Synth (Which has nothing to do with Keyboard so don't even go there)

I don't get why you don't want to learn Guitar.
It and the Piano are the two universal instruments.
No, I mean, in all the arrangements we play in band, we Trombonists bite the dust.
Band class is lame.

I quit back in 6th Grade.

It's a load of BS.

Just play what you want to play.
I would avoid the trumpet.
I played it for 4 years and it wasn't much fun. And it hurts your mouth/cheeks something terrible. LOL

Plus it is one of the few instruments that NOBODY wants to hear solo's on. :rofl:
My band won best of state (Oregon) for about 4 years in a row now. But now we have a flax band teacher, and everything is going down hill...
I'm always adding things to the band that I have no clue what I doing on.

For the band I currently play,

6 string bass
Electric Berimbau
Taiko Drum

I was thinking of adding

Mega dulcimer
electric drums
Chapman Stick
Reso bass
Dai tai com

maybe other crap when I got time
C64! C64! ADD A C64!

I'm sorry, I just love the sound of a SID. It's a piece of crap by today's standards, but the sound is just so cool.

How come nobody thought of Guitar Hero/Rock Band 20 years ago? It would have been a lot better, because instead of perfect MP3 (or whatever) playback we would get epically cool chiptunes.
XCVG, there's a homebrew NES game called "D-Pad Hero". there's chiptunes of GnR, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and more. You should check it out.
I have checked it out. But that's new, and not something created by Nintendo or Sega or another company 20 years ago. Also, it's incredibly difficult. Nontheless it's pretty cool.