Ipod touch 2G jailbreak tutorial

DNT 2.5

Meet the SPY!
Okay guys, this is really easy, don't hurry, and don't worry, its idiot proof!

STEP ONE: charge your ipod touch! you WILL need a fully or at least more than 75% charged ipod.

Step two: get the right software RedSn0w http://rapidshare.com/files/246605954/redsn0w-win_0.7.1.zipthere, and *cough* buy* cough* your firmware here http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
Make sure to get firmware 3.0 NOT THE 3.1.1!

Step three: plug in your ipod and boot up itunes

Step four: Back up all your music games apps (Pr0nz) ETC these will all be deleted!

Step five: Turn off your ipod and then once it is turned off hold the home button and the sleep button (the one at the top) for 10 seconds to enter DFU mode.Hold shift ad click restore/update, It should bring up a dialog box and select the ipod firmware 3.0 you downloaded earlier. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL!

Step 6: once your ipod is done restoring Unzip Redsn0w to a folder called redsn0w on your desktop,

step seven: Boot up Redsnow and select the same firmware that your ipod touch currently has (the file you downloaded earlier) it should say processing firmware, this can take a few minuets after that follow the on screen instructions,

NOTE: if anything ever freezes unplug the ipod and repeat from step five, also Make sure that youripod/computer is frozen, leave it for at least an hour if you have an old computer, Dont run programs in the background!

I am not held Liable for any Screwups, breaks compression injuries, frustration, blunt force trauma, or any other thing that could render your ipod touch useless.