I'm working on something

Seck-say. :tophat:

You need to find a way to slim down that disk drive.

do it for me
No, I knew it was a portable, but I saw the AR and you zoomed in on the copied disk, so I assumed it would play emulators or something.

I'd love to see another gamecube portable. I have a suggestion for cooling. Use an Iceberq 4 pro. It's a vga cooler card that people use for replacement cooling in original xboxes. Since the gamecube doesn't make much heat to start with, you might be able to have very few ventilation holes.
zeturi said:
:demonpie: The amp sounds really good with gamecube. Glad it worked out for ya.

Yeah, it did.

It's 3:00 in the morning here, just finished up working

I'm out one audio amp. XD

everything else is fine, and I have most everything in the case, just have to install a new audio amp, and mount the controller, figure out my z button, re-enforce some things and doooooone.

Awesome!, mah gamecube portable is finished with in 3 weeks and its going to be small.... I hope.

Well, so what are your plans ? small ? huge ? clean ? bean? :p
SS, You've gotta figure out a way to make a smaller GCP. Cut down EVERYTHING. find a way to make the laser assembly be the thickest part of the system. Make the whole thing only that thick.
Eh, I see no need for this unit. The DD is the only thing that's really huge. If I wanted super slim I'd just recreate technotts work, which I've been doing on another unit.

I've been practicing soldering for a loooong time to try that. I think I can finally relocate the disk drive pcb now, but soldering to those tiny resistors is probably still beyond me.
@zeturi: get a new soldering iron tip, really fine point, some thin solder, and some thin wire, and you should be a-ok.

Update: I finished the unit today. Well, kinda. It's all in the case, controller is installed and all that, just missing a zbutton and an audio amp. And, there is a little fine tuning to be done.

It looks shweeeet. Might be thinner than my ZN-45 one.