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Hey guys, I didn't see anywhere else to put this, so sorry if it's somewhere wrong. I've been reading quite meticulously on most posts. I know how forum "stepping stones" works, so I know that because i'm new, I should watch what I say, and be respectful, until i've earned the respect of the community, or contributed. Nice to meet all of you, and I hope you guys can help me in my quest for any portable if/when I ask. I'm not completely nooby, I know a fair bit about computers, I used to program in c++ a time ago, and used to commission computer builds. I used to LED mod regular xboxs and flash bios and all that stuff. So hopefully if I know a thing or two, I can help someone out, and vice versa.

P.S. I am situated in New York as of right now, but moving back down to Georgia in June.
Hi, welcome to ModRetro!

How'd you find us?

Also, you have a good base, so it shouldn't be hard for you to start. Pick a console, and then gather info from the forums, and we'll help you along the way!

If you know about xbox flashing and led mods, then you'll probably be fine.

Welcome to the Forums!
Sup. Imma Basement_Modder, ya dig? Imma give y'all the lowdown, know what I'm sayin? Y'all be welcome here, aright? This cool? Ya follow me dawg? Cool.

Peace out. :p

but seriouslly, what division of he armed forces are you in? Military? Army? Coast guard? Navy? Something top secret-like? :awesome:

Edit- ohhhh... situated in new york. I thought it said stationed. :facepalm:

make yourself at home.
Thanks guys! I found you guys by just pondering the idea of a portable nintendo 64. So I went searching, I found the benheck forums(I didn't register). I did some reading, found this website, and I think I like this one better just by reading. I will be doing some mods, but for right now, I would like to read and gather information, so that I am well informed when I do decide.
Welcome to my forums. As you now know, I am the top dog around here. Everyone walks on eggshells around me, but I'm pretty nice. Just make well, thought out posts and we'll get along fine.
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If I wasn't a little miser I would finish my NES Laptop. Unfortunately I can not fall asleep knowing that I have less then at least $100, so hopefully I can find employment when I turn 14 in...11 months.

And yeah, welcome to the forums!
Welcome to ModRetro! I wish you luck with your portable and we are mostly a community of very docile people. A N64p might be a bit hard but it is doable. Ah well, best of luck to you. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Good to have a new member, especially one that does not come in and start acting stupid like many do. ;)

I am PalmerTech, I own the place. The others are right, we are pretty tame, and I am honored you decided to join ModRetro instead of BenHeck (There is a lot of good info there too, though).

We are actually pretty loose and flexible, so don't worry about overstepping bounds. If you have sensitive eyes, might wanna stay out of our chatroom Friday nights (Once we get it working again, that is).
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Welcome to modretro, where all the comments are witty and the :awesome: is reigned supreme!