HUGE For sale/TRADE Thread

DNT 2.5

Meet the SPY!
All prices are negotiable, All Products work unless otherwise stated. Prices in CAD PM me your trade offer.

Wii controller $20

Gran turismo 5 Ps3 game
Gran Turismo 3 Ps2
Gameboy color games $3 each, from left to right, Wario's world 3, Legend of zelda, oracle of the seasons, Tetris 2, Wave race, Quest for Camelot.
Wifi Range extender $10

Palm 3 handheld computer $35 OBO

Laptop B/G wifi Card $15

organizer, Really old, Batteries are dead, has a game of poker on it!

Laptop RAM, Used, Works, 512MB and I think a 256 Whole lot $4

Prince of Persia, ps3 game $20

Star wars Force Unleashed, for PS3 $20

And for the Finale ZORBEEZ $3 each, I have many

Because of the increased price of shipping the items I will no longer be shipping them for free, If you pm me an address and the item you want, Ill find out how much shipping is.
Re: HUGE For sale Thread 56K WARNING

Ohhhhh I WANT that Wii remote. I'll decide in a few hours. Don't hold it for me, I'll get back to you if I want it ot not. What would dhipping to 85268 USA be?
Re: HUGE For sale Thread 56K WARNING

whats the go with the wifi extender (mor einfo would be beaut) and do you ship to aus?
Re: HUGE For sale Thread 56K WARNING

Hey, DNT. You are going to have to put the zelda game back up for grabs. I need to save all my cash for the tinypnes.
Re: HUGE For sale Thread 56K WARNING

if you ship to aus i call extra dibs on the two zelda gameboy games :D

thanks madhacker!
Re: HUGE For sale Thread 56K WARNING

I could ship to Australia, but not right now, i'm running low on cash,
Hey DNT, I figured out what I want for the radica - your laptop B/G WiFi card, deal?