How do you calculate ebay+paypal fees?

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So I have found two buy it now items clocked at $11.07 and $7.53 with free ships each. Totalling 18.60 CA. This Friday I'm going to plonk $25 +tax for a Mastercard Vanilla. Then the darn Mastercard takes $4.95 for activation (is it right?) giving me $20.05 to work with. Now I'm worried about the eBay+Paypal fees. I got CA$1.45 left over to pay any fees that the two companies will slap on.

Would I make it?

BTW: Both items are served by Power Sellers, if that really matters.
The price is the price is the price. Plus shipping, of course.

All those fees an stuff are for the buyer, and they're all built in.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the fees come out of the sellers revenue. Which basically means they charge more.
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