Hot resistor?


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The resistor I used in my LED mod gets HOT after just a couple minutes! Is this normal?


Or the brown is dark red IDK...
Glad to know I'm not the only one with trouble figuring out a resistor's band colors. I often get purple and brown mixed.

That being said, I think this belongs in the Tech Q&A board.
Actually, this probably belongs in the Voltage section...

Anyway, I could never read resistor codes, so I just use a multimeter. If you don't have a multimeter, get one.
5 band code, eh? Lemme pull out my notes...

Sounds like an either 1 or 2k resistor, 1% or 2% tolerance, depending on if your brown is red or brown. And it sounds like you toasted this resistor. What is the supply voltage going into the LED?

Wait, this is the 5v on the psone screen? That shouldn't fry it. Perhaps it's just getting warm from the voltage.
A hot resistor means voltage can't pass through. The voltage can't pass so, is then given off as heat. I had this happen to me when my regulator failed.