Help me find an iPhone case


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I want a case for my 3G. I have something very specific in mind. Most cases cover part of the front and all of the back, I think this is stupid. The back isn't in danger, and a little bit of rubber or plastic won't protect it. Cases that cover the front are annoying, they make touching the edges of the screen and the home button difficult.

I want a case that is nothing more than a rubber "tire" that has holes in it for the headphone jack and the controls on the side. Price is no object, but I don't really expect to spend more than $15. White or black is best.

I can halp look. First, would you be willing to cut out the ports and home button hole?

I doubt a case exists for the itouch that leaves the headphone jack and home button accessible, but not the touchscreen.

If you don't like that idea, then I've got an easier one: Buy this and melt a small rectangle of plastic over the screen part. Sand off the hard edges, and it might look good.
The reason I just want a band that does around the edges is because I have an awesome sticker on the back that I don't want to hide.
there''s a place at my mall that sells 3g cases with clear backing shells :awesome: I got one made for the 2nd gen touch but lost it:((for the one I'm selling)
That is an :awesome: sticker. Just for that, I will look for another 30 minutes for a suitable case.