Kool-Aid Man, OH YEAH!!!
Hi, I'm new here! I'm a total noob who knows NOTHING about electronics, so maybe you guys can help me out. I'm going to have terrible grammer and punctuation, or shuld i sai grmmar an puntatun. nao i watn a exbox 360 laptup fer trade with ps2. nao, i haz a trumpet 2 that I can tradez. c i maked a boomerang ps3 cawntrolur and my clock sayd 3:60 this afternoon, soz i knew it wuz f8 thit brote em her.

Oh, Boombox, I'm glad you made an account. I can't wait to hear your riveting tales of modding and pimping all of the fly hoes.

PS, why the name change? :neutral2:
I thought it was only Boombox. I guess they all just rolled into one big spamblob in my mind. A blob named Boomflex-Conflictions. Or something.

EDIT: I was going to reword this post; can't be bothered. Pretend it makes more sense than it does.
bacteria said:
Hi guys, i'm here for the party!! Let's make this work! ZING!!!
Didn't put a title in as i'm going to be an Admin ZING!!!
Welcome to the club! Allow me to introduce you to PalmerTech, ShockSlayer, Bibin, eurddrue, and myself! Tada! You're introduced! This post has no punctuation excluding exclaimation points! Intriguing! ZING!!! I guess it has commas, but no periods. I no, I used one!
I'm jjhammerstein.

I'm going to redo :awesome: so it's the same size.

Here I my two favorites I've made:
ßeta said:
I'm jjhammerstein.

I'm going to redo :awesome: so it's the same size.

Here I my two favorites I've made:
Good, it looks a bit deformed compared to the rest of the smileys like "I GREW TOO MUCH TOO FAST" *WWAAAAHHH* and seems like it would be retarded. :awesome:
Once we've added all those smileys into the database, are we going to delete these silly posts before everyone flocks over here?

Also, how private is this place? Can we just start telling people to go here, or should it be secret?
By the way, I hate the over-animated icons. There's no reason to have text, JUST TYPE IT. also, Godot one is too big.
:godot: :nibletobjection: :awesome: :objection: ZING!!! :tophat:

:wtf: :facepalm:

I might make a Frog face so me and SS can both have smileys. :p
Just host it somewhere else. You don't want YOUR icons to be easily available to the public, do you? They'll lose all novelty.
In soviet russia, word filters YOU!\

Beta, excellent point... Hmm, I wonder if I could make/modify a greasemonkey script to show my special icons in the smiley window, I am too lazy to link each time. :lol:

Eurddrue, you cannot be a mod, sorry. Bibin may only be temporary, depending on if he really helps out here.
I used to keep a TextEdit box open that had each image followed by the img code. Low tech ftw.
When you say you can assign pictures, do you mean you can have different emoticons for each rank? Like, a super smiley panel for admins, or just one user?
I think we should put all the crazy ones under "more smilies". If people care, they can click.
ShockSlayer said:
eurddrue you do realize that this place is where you can start fresh, with no previous spam record, previous knowledge and experience from your BH days, and a custom title to boot? Act like it, and people will think your as cool as me! :lol:


You're just some no-name with only 36 posts. :lol: