Good ds Homebrews?

Yoshilime M.R.

Master of Limes
I was thinking of getting a ds flash carts so i can play homebrews, but with so many out there, which are good? also, are these flash carts able to run emu's? Of games i own of course. :mrgreen: :ninj:
Most DS flashcarts can run EMUs. Would be surprised if yours didn't. Anyway, I hear there is a homebrew development of a DS Cave Story. I have no idea if it's finished or not, though. I don't actually own a flashcard. I need to get one.
Look around, find a good site with a bunch of apps and emu's. DCEmu is a good one.

One of the most fun things about a flashcart is downloading all kinds of stuff and trying it out, and seeing which you like best!

Search for lameboy. It's a GB(C) emulator. It even does SGB emulation!

Also, TyrianDS is pretty awesome. DSdoom sucks, and I haven't been able to get SNESDS or NESDS to run. DSLinux is more of a proof of concept than anything, but it sounds cool, I've never tried it. DSOrganize is neat but not very useful. There are a few web browsers but I haven't got any of them to work. If your flashcart doesn't have a built in media player, then use Moonshell, it's what everyone uses.

Homebrew will run on any modern, DLDI capable flashcart. I have an M3DS Real and it's great. I've heard the Supercard DS One, the EZ-Flash V, and the Acekard 2 are good too. GBATemp has a bunch of reviews, but you need to register to view them. If you want a future-proof DSi flashcart, I've heard that the M3i is the best, but I've never tried it so I can't say for certain. Don't buy an R4DS, you probably won't get the real thing. Buy from a reputable source. I bought mine from Kickgaming.

Most flashcarts take a microSD card. Get a good quality brand name one, I have a Sandisk one and it works great. Mine is 2GB and has plenty of space but if you plan on using your DS as a media player get a bigger card. Most flashcarts come with a cheap microSD reader. Mine is okay, but cheap and I don't think any of them support microSDHC. Some carts come with extras, like rumble paks and such. Mine came with a rumble pack and a "GBA expansion pack". The rumble pack is next to useless. The GBA expansion pack lets you play GBA games and acts as a RAM expansion.

This is what I have: ... p-277.html
I get a lot of mileage out of DSOrganizer. It's got a text document editor and viewer, media viewer, an IRC client, a calender/address book, and a web browser. I do a lot of writing, and even though I'm using a finger stylus and typing one-fingered, I find it works so much better than a full laptop in the car.
Is it a real R4? Probably not. Does your specific clone/counterfeit/fake support DLDI auto-patching?