Good, compact gaming rig build?


I'm looking into making a really compact, slightly cheap computer rig. It won't be built as a gaming rig, but I would like to be able to play some games on it at decent looking settings. Here are some parts I would like to use:

2.8 Ghz Intel dual core processor - $85 ... 6819116091

Zotac Mini-itx motherboard ~$140 ... 26&lang=en

320 GB laptop hard drive - $70 ... 6822148446

CD/DVD Burner - $30 ... 6827118030

4 GB Ram - $90 ... 6820134797

Graphics car - $65 ... 6814500133

PSU - $50 ... 6817339025

Case - ~$80

I will most likely end up going to ebay to get a case. Also, can anyone help me fine a psu that will fit fine in a mini-itx case? Should be a bit over $600 shipped. Thoughts and/or improvements?
Make sure you get the right motherboard. Only some of them have PCI-e slots. Also, look for a micro-ATX PSU. Probably won't fit in a mini-ITX case, but neither will that graphics card. Perhaps you should consider micro-ATX and one of those little SFF cases instead?