GCN accessory: Gameboy Player

I do not own a Gameboy Player, so I can't rip one apart to see how it works. Do any of you own a Gameboy Player, and if so, could you post pictures? Google images yields me nothing.
Ideally, I would want to miniaturize it somehow and build it into my portable... imagine: an ubër handheld that could play GCN, GBA, GBC, and original GB games.
The awesome factor would be absolutely unbelievable. :awesome: I could play every zelda game ever made (with the exception of the DS ones and the upcoming one for wii) thanks to the wonders of re-releases. I have included a list below, it is of no relevance, so I put it in as a spoiler so it won't hog the screen unless you want it to.
LoZ: GBA port exists
AoL: GBA port exists
Lttp: GBA port exists
LA: originally for GB, GBC port exists
OoT: GCN port exists, bunded with master quest
OoT Master Quest: GCN game
MM: GCN port esists
OoA: made for GBC
OoS: made for GBC
FS: Bundled with GBA version of Lttp
tWW: GCN game
FSA: GCN game (would work with my current design, it required a GBA link cable, right now my portable still features support for that. I know some portables out there don't... people trim that part off of the board and/or seal off the controller port)
tMC: made for GBA
TP: GCN game
Booyah! 13/15 zelda games will be playable on my GCN portable if I include a Gameboy Player.
:awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

Does anyone know anything about the insides of a gameboy player? without information on this, I can do nothing. And I am too big of a zelda fan to let that oppritunity pass by. :cry4:
it opens up a myriad of new titles (more then doubling the number of games playable on the thing) as well as homebrew and hacking possibilities.
EDIT: I just realized that this forum is most unlike other forum's I've been on, because on other forums when you spoiler something it hides it and you have to click a little icon to show it with the rest of the post. evidently, all this forum does is highlight the text in black. What the heck?
Just don't bother spoilering it, we're used to really long posts.

Regarding the original subject. You are a Zelda fan, yes? Okay, I don't know much but the Game Boy player starts off pretty small, but I've found out in portabilizing you need REALLY small. It shouldn't be too hard to rewire the port. Your portable is going to end up pretty big, but pretty epic anyway if you do it right.

Also, I'd recommend you make one worklog thread with progress and questions in it. Makes things much cleaner.
yeah, I plan to start a worklog thread...
as soon as I actually start working!
right now I'm still ordering parts and working to get some moolah, right now I'm broke.
Also, I want to plan out most of my portable before I start working on it so that I do not fail epicly, So I'm doing that at the same time. I've downloaded many guides and copy/pasted many threads into word documents, so I can have all that stuff on hand, along with my plans, while I build the portable. :D
I do not want to fail on my first try like most n00bs do, because I have limited resources.
I have made other things with electronics before.
Heck, I made a robot bug that features light sensitivity... not that that's difficult to do, If you are patient and have a staedy hand with a soldering iron, but it's more then most n00bs can say.
has anyone else made a portable with a built-in gameboy player?