Gamecube joystick mod problem


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Well no one is helping me out on Benheck so I was wonder if anyone here knows.

I bought the same controller that electric rain used when the mod was first found out a couple of years ago, the superpad. On min there are five wires coming from old joystick and five places (obviously) on the controller for them to go labeled VX1 (X axis) VY1 (Y axis) VD1, VC1, VG1(ground). What are the VD1 and VC1 and how to I hook up the gamecube to get this to work?

P.S. the is a test to actually see if this is an improvement :p
Well.... Normally I would tell you to connect them to the GC joystick exactly like they were on the n64, (try that, btw)

The best advice I can offer is, GND to the two middle pins of each of the gc pots, and then VX1 on one of the pins on the X axis pot of the gc, and the VY1 on one of the pins on the Y axis pot of the gc, then you'll have to test with the other two.

Well I got an answer! And fast!

My only guess that I have is that both VD1 and VC1 are VCC for both pots. I just realized I never labeled the wires after I desoldered them, figuring I could just attach the gamecube controller so I'll have to test
Perhaps, but if you have the same type of controller he did, it should work. 3rd party controllers are cheaply-made, and the companied rarely change board-layout during production. Would cause inflation in pricing.