FS Xbox 360 Briefcase Laptop


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I am selling my Xbox 360 briefcase laptop. This unit has only been played 12 hours to verify no over heating or other glitches.
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It does not have wireless but would be really easy to add just open and plug in. I just could not afford to buy one.



Will include unit itself, power supply that goes with it and 1 controller "not one shown it will be a regular wireless white one."
Price is $1300.00 PayPal or Postal money order only.
PM me if interested or leave message here if interested.
This 360 is brand new and only played 12 hours to test for glitches. There were none. Never even got hot.
bump price lowered to 1300 I will probably list this on ebay do you guys think this is a good price to start it at.
Advertise it around on YouTube and various other places, then in a week or so, put it on eBay, send everyone who showed interest in it a link, and then let them bid. But start it around 700-900. 1300 is a HUGE price for something you could get for only $300. I know this one is a laptop, but still. The only major upgrade is that you can take it anywhere, you still have to deal with controllers, games, and powering it from wall power.

If you want a cheap and easy thing to do that can jack up the price a noticeable amount, just build a part that hold controllers and games, so you could lift the top and get a new game, or something. That would make it a lot more worth it.