FS: Dingoo and 2 N64 games, Also a PSone Screen and PS2


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Hey guys I want to sell my Dingoo, its practically brand new and I barely used it. It's black and I'll include the charger, the Av outputs and the usb cable and the box and instructions (If I can find it, the box I mean): I'm looking for 70-80 dollars, you can negotiate lower though I wouldn't mind.

I also want to sell 2 N64 games:

Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time: Name your price!
Super Smash Bros.: Again name your price.

I'll get some pics in 2 minutes

Yeah, so guy I really need money so I'm putting up my PSone Screen and my PS2 orginal and Shadow of the colossus. I don't have my camera but I will get pictures on the weekend. Name your price for these three.

I'm using this money to buy some 360 stuff (Points, a HDMI cable and Assassin's Creed 2). So I will though consider trades.
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Sorry for the n00b question, but what exactly IS a Dingoo.
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Basically, a portable media/emulating system. You can play movies, listen to music, and run emulators (2nd gen to 4th gen consoles).
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Anything you want for the Dingoo? (besides money)
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pLover said:

Anything you want for the Dingoo? (besides money)
Assassin's Creed 2? JK. Xbox HDMI cable or component cable. Dunno. Not quite sure.
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Sorry, don't have those. I can customize a NES or SNES controller for you. I know, it's nowhere near a fair trade, but that's all I can offer.
I've got leftover dibs on the Smash Bros., and if you don't like their price I can almost assure you I can pay more :awesome:

Dibs on the psone screen. $25 shipped?
Sure sounds good? Is cash okay? Not sure about paypal. As for ssmb I think eurddrue bought it for 12? If that falls through I'll sell it to you.
Sounds great. I don't think I want to do cash, are you wanting to do it by snail mail? I mean I'm comfortable with it, it'll be slow though.
No, I didn't even read that. I just read the topic post, and offered the most money I have for the screen. (I'm desperate, but I think you already knew that.) I just got $30, so that's the most I can offer. I usually don't read many posts in the Junkyear threads, just the topic post and posts in response to mine.

So, sorry about that. If you already had dibs, you can get the screen.