Found a N64 for 2 bucks. Should I buy it?


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I was at our local flea market today and found a broken N64 with the power chord, one controller with crappy joy stick, and an RF adapter. All of that together was $2.00. What is the chance of being able to fix the N64? Low? High? Any common fixes? Just thought I'd ask if this was worth it....

Don't know that this was worth a thread, but...

We can't help you tell if it's fixable if we don't know how it's broken. Even if it is unfixable, if it were me, I'd buy it for the stuff it comes with and some parts/casing materials etc.
Buy it. Even if you can't fix the N64, the stuff that comes with it is definitely worth more than $2 if you were to sell them individually.
Thanks, I'll buy it next time I'm there... I just thought I'd ask and see what you guys thought. I guess it could always come in useful.
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I went ahead and bought it today, I got it home and plugged it up. The power light comes on, but no picture. I realized there was no expansion pack in the front.. (you know, like for DK64) so I went ahead and took the expansion pack out of my working N64 and then tested the "broken" one I bought for 2 dollars. Turns out it works perfectly fine. Apparently the guy at the flea market just didn't realize there wasn't an expansion pack in it... So now I have a working N64 and a controller.

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I also have a 2.3 Casio pocket Tv I just Led modded... hmmm......