For Sale: Nintendo 64 Portable: Abstract 64


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Up for sale today is my Nintendo 64 portable, the Abstract 64.

Before I get to the pictures here are the specs.

ZN-45 Casing
5'' Zenith Xbox screen(4-LED+Brightness Modded)
Original Controls, With D-Pad and L button
1 7.4v 7400 mAh Li-Ion Battery, 5-6 Hours.
Relocated Cartridge Slot
Expansion pack for full compatibility
2nd player port, and 4th player port for games that require the 4th port(IE: Hey you! Pikachu's Mic)
Headphone jack
Stereo sound
A/V jack with Cord
NTSC Region Console
Includes AC Adapter, Can be played on and off Adapter.


Top: Main Power, Bright + and -, Vol + and -, Player 2 Port, Player 4 Port.

Front: Controls, Screen, Obscure paint design, etc.(Don't worry, its SUPPOSED to look that way. :p)

Bottom: Left Speaker, Extra Brightness switch(increases the brightness even MORE, should you need it), Charge Jack, Right Speaker.

Back: R+Z Buttons, Cartslot, L button.

PM me with offers, I will accept Paypal only.

Thanks for Looking!
Bump; I am open to trades, infact; I welcome them.

If you have a load of stuff you'd like to offer for it let me know, I'd Probably do it.
I think applying a nice coat of paint will stir up a little interest. Also, maybe give a ball park of what you're asking price-wise.
I think I'm the only one who wants to buy this thing as it is. Also SS.

Too bad I have no money. :(

But seriously, people this thing looks pretty nice. Someone buy it, already! I WOULD offer a NES, a few audio cables, two SNES mini cases, a PSone screen mobo, some tact switches, a ZN-40 with some epoxy on it, and $50, but I won't because I know that's not enough for the portable.

Although, in the rare case that it doesn't sell and you're desperate for stuff, let me know. ;)
Thanks guys..I really like to hear that. :)

I worked so hard to make this thing Unique, and I think I've done so.

thanks SS, Your seal actually makes me feel proud of my portable, I mean, I did get inspiration from yours. :o
I never saw the specs. I like that you have full compatibility, and so much battery life. If I had the money, I'd want it just for that. You really have done well for the inclusion of so many features.
If it is for sale, I have a ton of junk I can offer you for it, plus some cash.