DIY HEPA filter?


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I keep getting sick and I think it is because the air in this room I am in all day.

Anyway so I don't have piles of cash coming out of the holes in the bottom of my pockets, so I need a way to build a cheap, quiet, HEPA type filter to get all the dust. ... ir-filter/

Would something like that work any good? I can get a box fan for like $5-$10 probably and those filters are cheap.

Take a vitamin c supplement, it does a lot. And open a window if you have one. And if you're in a shed, make a window.
The ghetto-rig fan filter looks like it would work to some degree. I don't think you can get real HEPA filters that cheap though.
You will need a real HEPA filter to get good results. Making your own would not be as reliable, and cost more.