Dang, taking forever to ship


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I ordered a flash card and micro sd from dealextreme and it's taking forever to get here, everyday I track it and it says waiting for supplier. I think it's because of the micro sd. It's way over the 1-3 day wait. I was wondering if anyone else gets long waits for suppliers when they buy from dealextreme. I only bought from them once before but it was pretty fast. I ordered it on wednesday sep 30. Although it's not a long time only about a week, but still compared to an expected 1-3 day wait. I was wondering if this is common to happen on dealextreme?
I ordered 4 things in the last few weeks. Most took between 7-10 days to say they were shipped and another 5-7 days to arrive.
It took 12 days for my DS Flashcart to ship. Pretty good for Hong Kong shipping!
I have had it take as long as 4 months. :p

Expect it to take about 2 weeks, with 3 weeks being a little longer than normal.
I've been waiting for three months for an external DS charger. Dunno why it's taking so long, but it's not anything I'm in dire need of at the moment. I just want to have one.
Ignore any time frames on their site. DX is known for being ridiculously cheap, but also for ridiculously slow shipping. Expect about a 2-3 week wait time, but it could take longer depending on the item.
I really don't want to wait 4 months for this thing. It hasn't been shipped yet, I'm thinking about canceling the order and buying from someone else.
Its only been 15 days. If you want you can try to contact them, but honestly I would just wait a little longer, they always take a long time to actually ship the order out, but I usually get it pretty quickly after they send it.
Also, keep in mind: Chinese Golden Week JUST occured, so that explains a lot of delays. Nobody works. :lol:

Google it for moar info.