Crazy glue on LCD.


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Don't ask me how I did it, just tell me how to get it off! :dah:

It is a computer LCD, not a portable LCD. :confused:

Can I use nail polish remover, will it damage the "anti-glare" layer?
I was gonna say nail polish remover. Do you have a scrap PSone LCD? Try it on that first and see if anything happens. I think it'll be fine, though.
Did you try - using gentle force - to scratch the glue off? if it's a lump you could, but it could lift the antiglare off.
i would think nail polish remover would be fine.

and i dont care that you said dont ask, how the Heck did you manage this??!?!? :gonk:
:facepalm: Stop talking about antiglare layers, everyone. High quality (non garbage terrible flax PSone screens) don't have a separate antiglare layer in most (not totally all) situations, but is rather part of the polarizer. The polarizer is very tough, and unless you scratch it a lot it won't come off if you pull.