1.Hot glue
3.Super glue
5.Chewing gum
6.Small magical elves holding things
7.Toilet paper wedged in the case to hold it.
10.Tiger Woods
burd juice.

otherwise known as abs cement for some strange reason...
and of course ice.
Duct tape
electrical tape
Many other kinds of tape
that weird replacement for bondo that is somewhere in these forums...
ABS Cement?

Dissolve some scraps of ABS (bits of system case work good) in acetone or paint thinner. Just don't apply it with your finger like themadhacker does.

you will find it VERY difficult to apply abs cement nicely without using you finger.

with all that aside, I personally think abs would be the best choice since after a while hot glue weakens a lot and pops off sufaces with very little pressure.
Apply it with a Q-tip. Dip it in , let a bit drip off and then lay it where you need it. Piece of cake, no mess, cheap, and throw away when you're done.