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I was original going to do RGB or S-video, but S-video doesn't work on my screen and RGB doesn't work on my N64.

I had composite working, but then one day I burnt off a little piece of the screen. I have no clue what it was. When you solder wires to the back of the screen like the RGB or composite. You solder it to little pieces that have some letter labeled on it.

Well, one day when I was soldering and a little piece came off. So, I just put solder of it to bypass it (not thinking I know) and the screen started to smoke and now the composite doesn't work. I was just wondering has anyone had this problem. I know this is widely placed, but still rather not have to replace the screen.

The screen still turns on.
First, you forgot to mention what screen you're even using.

Second, what you bypassed could have been a capacitor, which could have gone directly between plus and ground.

It's very easy to understand why it started smoking. Be more careful with yur soldering iron next time, breaking components=no fun.
I am using a zenith screen or PSone

When I didn't have the capacitor on or what ever it was. The composite showed up, but it was like there was no ground. The message of no controller would scroll down and disapear and then show up at the top and scroll down ect.

So, then I tried bypassing the area to see if it would stop scrolling then it smoked.
I think your screen is *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ed, and beyond your skills to fix it. Maybe someone else can though.
Turn off the word filter in the UCP and you'll find out. We can't say it to you, it will always be filtered to punted.
Two things.

The good possibility: You screwed up the composite to analogue RGB converter, so RGB may work.

The bad possibility: You screwed up the part of the screen that properly converts the analogue RGB into the signals the LCD can use (to put very simply), and the controller board is ruined.

Betting on the latter.
ahh kk, well I was planning on making a gamecube so, I just use the messed up one for that. Since, RGB might work. The n64 I am working with is not one with the capability of RGB and I don't want to rewire one that is in. To much time.