Can't get my Snes mini and Zenith screen working...


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I just wired everything up for the first time just for a test run and im not getting any response.. I'm using a PSone power chord hooked up to the screen and then the snes mini wired to the 7805 on the screen. I have a wire connecting pin 12 to the 5v on the 7805 on the screen and everything too... Im not really sure whats wrong. I can hear an incredibly faint high pitched buzzing when i plug the power in.. but no image on the screen.... I can post pics if needed...
I'm not certain on this, but I believe that you only connect pin 12 to +5v if you're using RGB. Does that backlight still turn on? If so, and it doesn't work if you seperate pin 12 from +5v, then make sure that your composite and ground connections aren't touching. You're sure the SNES works, right?
Yeah, everything worked before... Unless it magically fried itself while it was sitting on my desk being untouched... but yeah I have a hunch it might be some of this nasty glue on the 7805 thats stopping my solder joint from being connected.. It was like covered in this yellow glue that didnt want to come off.. I think when I get home Im going to wire up the 7805 i bought straight to the power chord and use that instead of the one on the screen mobo. If it works after that then I'll know it was that crappy glue.. Also, I'll post pictures tonight when i get home.

EDIT: Art history was cancelled, thus I bring you some pics.






I've concluded that the screen isnt a problem... It is working fine. It has something to do with my snes, so ignore the blurrycam pics of the screen mobo..
Sorry to double post but I'm at a loss for whats going on. I cant get anything working on the screen through composite. I plugged up my phat snes that i know is working, plugged its composite into my tv to make sure its working, and then tried touching it to the wire I have wired up to my zenith screen and I'm not getting any image. What's going on here?

(I am getting the volume and brightness bars when i hit the + - buttons for volume and brightness though)
I thought i already posted a reply....
Same thing happened to me, and all i did was cut off the two white things at the bottom of the psone screen, and solder straight to the psone screen circuit.
You mean like removing the white plug things and then wiring straight to the spots on the back of the board? I already have my composite wired to the spot on the back of the board instead of to the first pin there. That was one of the first things i tried changing. I know the screen is getting the right voltage because the brightness and volume things come up... This is annoying. -_-
Anyone have any suggestions at all?

I have pin 12 connected to 5V.
The screen comes on and I can see the volume and brightness indicator bars when i adjust volume.

When i connect video to the composite though I dont get any image at all. Ive tested it with several different systems but nothing works. Could it be the wire I am using? Im using wire from an old snes controller.
Did you ever get my tacts? I sent them a long time ago, and you never replied, so I assumed you got 'em.