Building a portable Atari VCS 2600 step-by-step

I would if I had one or could aquire one, but I don't and probably won't. Also, I don't understand that tutorial at all. :dah:
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2nd post!

Go away!!

Stupid picture, simpsons did it, south park did it too.

The problem is that ben made an atari portable every way possible, it's rather pointless. I've been going to make a super genintari portable, but I keep ruining flax :gonk:
If I can get my hands on an Atari 2600, I would make it portable. That was actually a recommendation I received, since it's pretty simple. ;)
Tibs doing a 2600 portable. She had an extra 2600 and she didnt want to carve up her 7800. I can see why a lot of people dont do it though.