Best AAA batteries?


The portable I'm working on will be pretty small, and has low power requirements. Can anybody link me to some really high capacity AAA batteries? I'd prefer ni-mh, not li-po or li-ion. Hoping if anyone has seen anything greater than 1300mah, so I can get some decent play time.
Why can't you use double AA, they hold like 2500mah maybe a little more.

Triple A's only go up to 1300mah I believe for ni-mh ones.
I only have space for AAAs, or li-ion batteries. I might just go for li-ions for the right amount of power, though... 1300mah is only giving me an hour and a half.
Go for the li ion.

Or lipo. Lipo is awesome, and if you look you can get them cheap. I actually think mario has a pack he wanted to sell a while ago. I got a 4200 mAh pack from him, it's tiny.
I could always try those 12000 mah batteries from dealextreme, since they're cheap. They're not that high capacity, but might still be small enough.
Be aware that the vast majority of DealExtreme's batteries are WAY over-rated. It would be better tho get a guaranteed 1000 mAh name brand battery than a over rated rip-off DealExtreme battery.
Hmmm... I read some reviews, and they say that these batteries are slightly lower. But for the price, I might risk it anyway. I think I'll try them out. I'll update this thread if they end up being any good.
jelte1234 said:
you might depending on voltage also try some cheapo ds batteries, they are quite small, 3.6 volts and are rated 2000 mah, so they are about 1500-1800 probaly. on you can get them for about 3 dollars a piece. these i bought for my ds myself. btw, would 4 of these (7.2 volts 3000 mah) be good for a psone with unmodded screen? or would I rather need 6 (4500 mah) or 8 (6000 mah) ??
That last post was over a year old.

He's probably solved his problem by now. Just sayin'