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I've been looking at this audio amp since the longhornengineer posted it and I have a couple questions. I don't know much about audio amps since I haven't had to work with one since it was prebuilt into the psone screen.

the chip itself

1. Where can I get speakers for it?
2. Where can I get a headphone jack for it? (I have an extra psone one but I might need a new one in the future)
3. Does the chip need a heatsink?

I can't really find the right parts on mouser.

If I can end up building it I'll put up a nice guide for it on here.
I posted a tutorial on how to make an audio amp. It costs under $10.00 to make. :awesome: It's in Random Electronic Questions.
I've seen it, but it's mono and the lm 386 is not known for being the best quality past the nes.
2 W Into 4-W Speakers With External Heatsink The TPA6021A4 is a stereo audio power amplifier
· DC Volume Control With 2-dB that drives 2 W/channel of continuous RMS power
Steps from -40 dB to 20 dB into a 4-W load when utilizing a heat sink. Advanced
– Fade Mode dc volume control minimizes external components and allows BTL (speaker) volume control and SE
– -85-dB Mute Mode (headphone) volume control.
· Differential Inputs The 20-pin DIP package allows for the use of a
· 1-μA Shutdown Current (Typical) heatsink which provides higher output power.
· Headphone Mode To ensure a smooth transition between active and
shutdown modes, a fade mode ramps the volume up
and down.

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

This is basic information.

And the headphone jack just needs to have a switch on it.
It's a cool amp methinks. Have some but haven't tried one yet. I've found out this much info:

-it takes a normal 5V supply
-rig a pot to 5V/GND for volume control... I think
-it has SE and BTL modes
-one is push-pull (meaning you connect the speaker between the out+ and out-) and the other mode goes between out+ and ground
-the push-pull mode is for speakers, the other for headphones
-it's a dual, stereo amp
-you might need a heatsink, but not a big one
-Ben used one, on his PS3 Slim portable I think
-you can get up to five at once from TI, as free samples
Well I figured out all that but that still doesn't answer my 3 original questions. (kind of answers the heatsink one.
Headphone jacks are at radioshack. They have two different kinds. If you want small heat sinks for the amp, try using copper ram sinks. They're common on ebay. Speakers I have no idea, I just tear apart junked cheapie ipod speakers and use those.
Speakers aren't amp-specific. You get those from all sorts of things. If you are doing stereo try to get two that match.