Are map packs free on pc games?

LAWL no.

MOST of the time (easily > 89%), map packs are free for PC Games.
And most PC Games, in fact, have Custom maps, something Consoles almost never see.

CoD4 and CoD5, all map packs, free, on PC.
What about the basics of playing on steam servers, I bought the orange box a long time ago but only for portal and half life, then I just got into to counter strike, bu I can't figure out what server is for what, or what tf2 servers are. I can't figure out how to play tf2 either. Is there an actual guide for learning how to play tf2, I don't get all the new class upgrades and stuff.
PC games are almost always free. Not to mention all the fan made maps.

No clue how to play TF2, myself. :lol:
Bentomo, when I move back to Uni with my nice fast internet, I'll log on TF2 with you and can teach you some of the basics if you want :dahroll: