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Apparently plover is a type of bird.
I figure, I don't really care who sees this anymore because a lot of you are probably upset even without saying anything, so here it is:

I was being a dick, and I truly apologize for that. I didn't stop to think what problems it might cause, all I saw was the 200X thing and I thought it would be a funny thing to post that our hopes and dreams have gone because MegaMan hasn't happened. I didn't think about what some people might think or have experienced that the post might remind people of, and I am truly sorry for that. I'm sorry that you were affected so greatly, as well as everyone else who didn't recognize the partial joke mixed in.

The point of the post was that, yes, the world does suck, and I was merely pointing all of the flaxty things out (which I was not joking about) and the killer is: MegaMan isn't real, which I now realize was just a stupid and cruel thing of me to do.

And just for the record, I did used to have suicidal thoughts every once-in-a-while (which I have gotten over), so just please don't think I don't know what it feels like, because I do, and it sucks. I'm just much more easily able to joke about my past than most people, which is why I thought it was funny. But now that I see how some people have taken it, I truly regret it, not only because of how people took it, but also because it makes me think of how I might feel if someone I knew was considering suicide. And I now realize that when discussing such a serious topic, people didn't notice the MegaMan thing.

I DO think all the stuff I mentioned in my post sucks and wish it had never/ever will happen, but I can't do anything about it. Back when I did used to despise my life, I didn't kill myself because I'm too much of a wuss to go through with it (I doubt I would have killed myself even then, because of the effects it could have on my family, and I don't want them to feel the pain of me killing myself), so I eventually got over it by toughing it out. Don't get me wrong, most of the stuff I mentioned in my post is awful, and I hate it, but it's not worth dying over. That is why the thread was a half-joke. I wasn't serious about suicide, but I was serious about the reasons.

So please, just know that I am truly sorry, and that I know I'm incredibly stupid for not thinking it over first.

Do you accept my apology? :( I truly am very sorry and I very much regret it.

I don't really want people to reply unless they want to PM me about it. I'd also like it to go away as soon as possible because it was a stupid and harmful mistake that I just want people to forgive me about. Now can someone please lock this thread?
Not open for further replies.