Anyone got an old SNES controller IC lying around?


Apparently plover is a type of bird.
I need one. I'd much prefer it if someone had an IC they had taken out of a controller a while ago and never used it, but I'd accept it if someone just took it out now. Whatever it is, I'd like a SNES controller IC. PM me about it or reply in the thread.
I have a controller that is missing the "X" button but otherwise fine.

You can have whole thing and then not use claky clack tact switches! ::3:

Wut u gimmy?
Is it first-party? Also, Is the button missing, or the whole connection?
Alright, if you want to take the IC off and send it to me, I'd be willing to pay $5 shipped.
Why not the whole thing, you can use the PCB and just cut it in half and u wont have to use tact switches! ::3:
Because I want to use tact switches. Can you please just send me the IC?
What if I cut/rewire the controller for you?


DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN I SAY CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!! CLACK!!!1!!

That is what tact switch buttons are like.

(Are u even useing an original super Nintendo? :dah: )
I'm using a SNES Mini and rubber tact switches, because I also hate the clicks and the clacks and the clicks and — I'm gunna shut the Heck up now because I sound like Bill Cosby. :gonk:
I personally prefer the clicks and clacks of a tact switch. Seems better to me for some reason.

But since most prefer the squishies I always put squishies in my portables.
I like them when the portable's buttons have the stability of say a GBASP's, or a DSi's, but the Super Nintendo buttons aren't really made for that, and I'm using original buttons. (besides L&R, I'm still trying to decide if I want tact or normal)
Rubber tact switches?

Neat where can I haz get some? :mrgreen:

Srsly tho I don't have any desoldering braid to pull the chip off properly.

I could send just the PCB in a bubble mailer?

Anyone want the rest of the controller, just missing "X" button! :p
I don't have the right thing to desolder it either! :rofl: Just a normal soldering iron and desoldering iron. That's why I was asking for you to do it. :lol:

So sure, send me the piece of the PCB with the IC. I can get it off. ...maybe.

So, since I'll have to desolder it, does $1 + shipping sound good? Or is that a little low?
Yeah, I tried desoldering one off my own, and I can't do it. So...

I guess the deal's off, then.