anybody have an NES game genie?

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Crazy Train
I need a game genie. I don't care if that plastic tab is ripped off/ broken, or whatever. I just need it to be in working order and to have a good connector and case.
Re: anybody have a ps2 power adapter?

I have an extra one from a box of junk from Play'N'Trade. It has a little fray with the ground wire exposed, but I put electrical tape on it and tested it on my ps2 slim and it works. What's your address? Just pm me and you can have it for shipping costs.
Wow, I should have asked for one before I bought that snes from you. Would have saved a fortune on shipping. What's VGC? Also, I don't think there is any difference. Only thing it needs to work on NTSC nes is the lockout chip disabled. Easy hack. Before I go ahead and say that I want it, I'll have to research some to find out if it acually does work with american games. I don't see why it shouldn't, but hey, you never know.
bacteria said:
"VGC" means Very Good Condition, ie stickers intact, etc.

I haven't used it myself, got it with other stuff, but looks in order.

Indeed, I have a bit of an Aladdin's Cave for stuff! :wink3:

you ain't seen no Aladdin's cave yet :p




unfortuantely not mine, its the shop where my uncle picked up 200 n64 games from (that are for sale btw). I dream about stealing that shop, they sell snes games in bulk lots of 600,
as soon as i finish school im going straight to japan :D
um, back on topic now. I did some searcing, and one site says that the PAL game genie uses different codes or something. So really It wouldn't prove much of a use for me. In which case i have agreed to buy one off of jleemero.
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