A tad bit of Nintendo 64 problems.


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Well, I got my Nintendo 64 today. When I started playing it, it worked like a charm. Now, it's kind of acting up, and you have to insert the games in and reset the N64 until the game boots. Seems like Super Smash Bros is working fine though.

So, shall I post more details, or does someone already know what's wrong with my Nintendo 64?
I got a Q-tip and cleaned all of my game carts and the cartridge slot with hydrogen peroxide (Yes, I'm a noob). Most of the games only take 3 reboots to work now. Thanks for reminding me that I need to clean my carts!

Since I want to make another thread today, can a mod delete this? Locking it would be pointless.
But it's useful knowledge! What if someone else has the same problem? I know I do all the time! ;)
Yeah, this is extremely helpful! This has been happening to me quite a lot recently. I've had my games for 7+ years and I've never cleaned the contacts. What is best to clean them?