3" Pustom screen issue


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I just got my brand new 3" Pustom screen in the mail and the video has decided to stop working. I plugged in the the audio and video right to the screen and the screen showed bright white at first. Then all of the sudden the screen went black and now only the audio works, though the screen and backlight will come to life and turn bright white randomly. I've tried the ribbon cable, but that shouldn't have affected the backlight, which is now off. I had ~9V going into the screen and according to LoB's post in the reference section, that should be just fine. crap, crap, crap. Does anyone have any suggestions, or am I going to have to fight with DX about a cheap screen?

bacteria said:
Only a few generic suggestions, try the list and see if any of them help:

* did you disconnect the screen's ground to the system board?
* Is the video connected, and a signal being sent from the source?
* Are the batteries good - they sometimes show a voltage but the amperage might be too low, so can't drive the system.
* Does it work via mains power?

White screen > black or black > white normally means no video signal present, not always, but its a start.

No, the grounds were connected by the PS2 AV cables and the 9V power supply I had.
The video was fine when I hooked the PS2 to a regular TV.
I've tried the screen with a power supply with a fully charged 7.4V Li-ion 5.4 Ah battery too and that didn't seem to change the black screen. Also, the mains power didn't really have any different effect.

I think the screen is just junk, or I'm stupid.