1st player switch


:tophat: Hai Guys!
I'm workin on a portable and i have mostly everything figured out except i want to keep the controller ports for all the controllers and i cannot quite figure out how to switch between the controller i built into the unit and the original 1st player port.

I have seen some portables with a switch to go between the two but i cant seem to figure it out for myself :sweat:
You only need to switch between the data lines. But if you want to be sure then use a switch that does two and switch between the data and power line. That should work %100
I'm pretty certain that a switch just on the data line would work well :awesome:
I mean the controller can't work without being able to send data to the console.
Well the question is running 5 controllers at once. Which you'll rarely find 4 people to play. But anyway the controller most likely takes less than 100 mA. But the 3.3 volt line can probably provide more than enough.
yeah, just the data line works out fine as long as you're getting 3.3v to everything.