18Ah LiPos for sale!

I'd sell you half the cells for $50.
I wish I knew what arrangement they were in. I wonder how many cells there are?
βeta said:
5v-20v, I already told you.
i know that, but does it have like presets, or like a variable gauge? i dont want on that does 5v, 12v, 14.8v and 20v only. i want the full range. ;)
I don't know how it works. If I used it, I'd tear it apart and use the cells in pairs to make 7.4v.
i'll post some stuff when i get mine. granted, it will be too late to snag one. but, you know..... :awesome:
βeta said:
Oh, you got one? :D
yeah. i searched around. its 30$ cheaper than anywhere else, so, if i dont like it, i can sell it at a profit.

and the power is like this:

usb, 5v

power port, interchangeable cable, 9v-12v.

other power port, 13v-20v.