1. Mr. Hooker

    $400 GBA Project

    The original GBA is one of my favorite consoles, and with all the premade ips screens and pcb's kits on the market I wanted to see what all I could manage to cram in one shell. Going to upload most the build on youtube, and any build logs on here. Currently posting everything on BitBuilt, will...
  2. L

    Gameboy Advance CPU Pinout

    Hi there, I'm new to modding and have come across an issue on my GBA board. The TP2 test point has lifted and caused the select button to become non-functional. My aim is to fix it with a bridge wire, but instead of scraping traces I would like to find what pin exactly this trace for the...
  3. wolborg

    Another Pi in a GameBoy

    Finished as it's going to get now that I've almost finished the case in Fusion 360 for the next one.
  4. R

    GBA Backlit brightness question

    I’ve seen and read plenty of threads about the standard GBA backlit mod not being bright enough, but my problem is the opposite. I was wondering if there was another solder point that would allow for less brightness? Maybe trick the volume wheele into dimming the display instead of adjusting the...
  5. macej-_hottuna

    Need assistance with GBA AGS-101 Backlight Mod

    So! This was my first shot at modding a console, and from what I can tell it's gone as horribly as expected. My first solder job was kinda gross, and I ended up slightly singing the board after finishing. Here's the kicker: Each boot gives me one red and green light in super quick succession...