1. Pennywise

    Powering a PS2 Portable

    Hi all, I'm want to start designing a PS2 Portable but I'm clueless when it comes to powering the thing. I know it runs off 8.5v, but I dont plan on keeping the disk drive so maybe a little lower (?) The plan was to use Li-on cells or a Li-poly pad, which will need a regulator (in parallel?)...
  2. Ocean Child

    Double Checking Batteries / Monitor Before Ordering

    Hey friends, I was hoping to build a GCP, and was wondering if you could confirm that these batteries are fine to use, and if you could help me pick out an LCD display to use. I've listed 3 displays I got from a quick search for 'tft lcd' on Amazon. Batteries ...
  3. J

    Making a PS go portable - battery help

    We're making an original playstation go portable but we need to make a battery circuit - and therefore need to create a battery circuit. It plugs in to a monitor which has a power supply of 12V 7 W and the Playstation's power is 50Hz 10W. Do you know what parts we need etc to be able to make...
  4. S

    Pokemon Yellow Sprite Glitches/Not Saving After Battery Replacement

    Hello, This is my first time posting on a forum so I will try to be specific and thorough. Hopefully I am in the right section. I had seen another forum post on this website with a similar issue to mine, but no solution. Anyways here goes. My wife had recently obtained a bunch of stuff she had...
  5. S

    Wall power and AV out

    hi guys another noob with his first post. Can't seem to find any info on how to get a working GCP setup that can play off original AC adapter (as well as battery when switched) and can be plugged in to a tv when desired. Since I have so little mod experience I was originally planning on doing...
  6. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Portable... Recommended battery?

    I'm making my second wii portable, focusing more on aesthetics this time as I plan to sell this one. I want to put an internal battery in this one so it will be completely portable. I know it has to have 12v output to work with the wii, but does anyone have any recommendations? Also what would...