1. Kidanarchy

    Help modding DMG

    I'm trying to backlight and bivert a DMG Gameboy. However, I've run into trouble desoldering the pins that you're supposed to connect to the Hex module. Any tips? Should I get a name brand desoldering braid?
  2. R

    GBA Backlit brightness question

    I’ve seen and read plenty of threads about the standard GBA backlit mod not being bright enough, but my problem is the opposite. I was wondering if there was another solder point that would allow for less brightness? Maybe trick the volume wheele into dimming the display instead of adjusting the...
  3. Katherine worth

    Modding help

    hey I’m back again with more noob questions I bought a broken backlit gameboy pocket and I changed the screen as needed and I love playing it Problem is the backlight flickers badly and killing my eyes So far from what I’m seeing people are saying I new to add a resistor to it but I want...
  4. macej-_hottuna

    Need assistance with GBA AGS-101 Backlight Mod

    So! This was my first shot at modding a console, and from what I can tell it's gone as horribly as expected. My first solder job was kinda gross, and I ended up slightly singing the board after finishing. Here's the kicker: Each boot gives me one red and green light in super quick succession...