1. R

    GBA Backlit brightness question

    I’ve seen and read plenty of threads about the standard GBA backlit mod not being bright enough, but my problem is the opposite. I was wondering if there was another solder point that would allow for less brightness? Maybe trick the volume wheele into dimming the display instead of adjusting the...
  2. macej-_hottuna

    Need assistance with GBA AGS-101 Backlight Mod

    So! This was my first shot at modding a console, and from what I can tell it's gone as horribly as expected. My first solder job was kinda gross, and I ended up slightly singing the board after finishing. Here's the kicker: Each boot gives me one red and green light in super quick succession...
  3. zeldaxpro

    WTB: GBA SP (AGS-101)

    I'm looking for a GBA SP AGS-101 (backlight model). As long as it's fully functional, don't really care about the case. Just no cracks or deep scratches on the LCD. I live in the USA and can pay with Paypal. Just send me a msg if you got one. Thanks!