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    Weird Acting Second Hand N64. Is It Moded?

    I have massive doubts about any of this, but I would love to see proof and/or pics of the internals because then I get to start having fun if it's true.
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    Wode Jukebox 2 available for sale

    You can post contact info however you please, you can also just request that people send you a conversation so you can share contact information privately.
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    help with GDEMU/Dreamcast handheld

    Welcome to the forums! Your best bet here is to get a hot air gun, from there it should be pretty straight-forward to solder the cables back on. With FFC the key is not to hang around too long.
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    No, tell me more!

    No, tell me more!
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    Gameboy Macro Dual

    I don't know why you would do something like this, but I approve completely.
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    As some of you may know, the original xbox is really lacking in video output modes for the modern era. It is only capable of analog video out, and doesn't even support VGA through that. Early versions of the xbox use a CX25871 as the video encoder, which can take a variety of digital inputs and...
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    No chat anymore?

    [User Wasabi banned for multi-accounting]
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    [user was banned for this post]

    [user was banned for this post]
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    Well, that lasted long. :/

    Well, that lasted long. :/
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    Awesome, we're back. At least for now.

    Awesome, we're back. At least for now.
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    Randomly turning on and off

    Have you tried getting a hold of some contact cleaner and cleaning the Heck out of the switch? Have you tested the switch at all? You seem to be unafraid of removing components, maybe try pulling the switch completely off and see if the problem persists.
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    Dreamcast Controller Pinout

    I'm not having much luck with it either. The dreamcast megasticky is completely barren. Looks like you're gonna have to grab the continuity tester and grind through it all. Good luck. As far as other stuff, there seems to be some information floating around here that might be of use to you...
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    Snes mini classic audio out help

    I'm not really sure what you're asking. Are you talking about if you use a Wii instead of the SNES Classic for whatever your project is? The wii2HDMI might not use *external* power, but it's still going to have power consumption of some sort. If you're worried about adding extra power bricks...
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    Snes mini classic audio out help

    You definitely aren't going to be able to drive speakers directly from the motherboard. With some real wizardry, you might be able to build your own HDMI audio splitter into the machine and put a headphone jack on it. The most reasonable approach is to just drop the $30 or so to get an external...
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    Oh god, the lessons are working. I just like... read that... and didn't need a translation...

    Oh god, the lessons are working. I just like... read that... and didn't need a translation...