Stella: Atari Flashback 2 Pocket-Sized Portable

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by Mario, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Mario

    Mario Gin-Choobinest Member Staff Member

    This one took a little over a week. :)
    Worklog2: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=3420
    If you want to see a lot more pictures, PLEASE be sure to check out one of the worklogs. (They're the same, just on different sites.) There are all sorts of pictures there.

    600mAh GBASP battery (Gives about 2 hours of play with the sound off)
    The case is the case an iPod touch comes in.
    3.5" Screen
    Has joystick and paddle controls
    Has a cartridge slot! :awesome:
    2nd Player port
    A/V out port
    External power supply port
    Low-battery indicator (Goes off at around 3.05v)
    (Here is a thread for it: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3640 )

    And now, pictures. :)






    Gut pictures from the worklogs:




    Here's a video for your viewing pleasure.
  2. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS


    For your next project, make a GCp. Call it the Slipper. Make it dolphin themed.

  3. lovablechevy

    lovablechevy Active Member

    mmm... it's so beautiful!

    makes me really want to get something finished... >_> <_< >_<
  4. Hermaphroditus

    Hermaphroditus Well-Known Member

    Wow, that looks amazing. Great work!
  5. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

    Modretro's very first "portable"!
  6. Tibia

    Tibia Well-Known Member

    Wonderful work, Mario! Looks great, and fantastic battery life. Your projects never cease to amaze. :)
  7. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

    looks really nice. I like it.
  8. snowpenguin

    snowpenguin Frequent Poster

    is that..... lovablechevy?!?!?!?

    I thought she had left the modding scene AGES ago.

    Really nice work mario, there's a lack of comments because you made the worklog at BH though. :wtf:


    Really good/
  9. Kyosho

    Kyosho NOT KYO

    I LOVE the color. You don't see many orange portables. Or orange gadgets in general, really.
  10. Twilight Wolf

    Twilight Wolf Frequent Poster

    I'd say it's more like an ultraportable since you can fit it in your pocket. Laptops are portable, after all.

    Anyway, I already said this in the worklog, but this is better than any of Benheck's 2600ps, because not only is it super small, it has 40 built-in games! :awesome:
  11. neverused

    neverused Well-Known Member

    Bibin's going to get you for that...

    Other than that, beautiful portable Mario.
  12. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    Dangit Mario, people are forgetting that the trisixtyfouce could fit in my pocket! :gonk:


  13. Basement_Modder

    Basement_Modder He who mods in thy basement.

    I love this.
  14. XCVG

    XCVG ModRetro Legend

    That thing is epic. I'm not an Atari fan, but it's such a beautiful portable!
  15. TheNineRings

    TheNineRings Official Hypello of ModRetro

    I love it. It is now my favorite portable. (Sorry, SS)
  16. Tibia

    Tibia Well-Known Member

  17. samjc3

    samjc3 #1 Female Member

    mario, when you make things, it makes me sad. because i could never make anything so awesome. :awesome:
  18. 3MZ

    3MZ Well-Known Member

    Why don't you? (not meant to be read in a ass-hole like way) that would be awesome :dah:
  19. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    It makes more sense for mario to do it.

  20. Basement_Modder

    Basement_Modder He who mods in thy basement.

    Inside jokes are inside.

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