PSIO - homebrew software from an SD card

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by robm, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. robm

    robm Billy Mays Staff Member

    I just ran across this, anyone here ever tried it?

    Is it homebrew only, or can you run games off of it?

    This could make for a really cool, small PS1 portable...
  2. Mawile

    Mawile Member

    I've never tried it but I was considering its use in my ps1 portable, two years back. However at the time it wasn't finished and I don't really have the money to get one anyway.

    As far as I know it can run ISO format games off of an SD card but is also able to run homebrew.
  3. samjc3

    samjc3 #1 Female Member

    Why not just get a PSP?


    Really though, how the Heck have I never seen this before? I've murdered like 10 psones over the years trying to make them smaller, and getting rid of the disc drive would go a Heck of a long way towards that goal. .... Course, I do have a PSP already...
  4. robm

    robm Billy Mays Staff Member

    I know, right? It would make for a pretty slick portable...
  5. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    Hot Dang!
    Think it'll sell out quickly? I'm gonna ask my grandma to get me one for my birthday, which is a month later.
  6. Kickback

    Kickback Teen Idle Staff Member

    I wish it would work on the PSone, but no parralel port. Too bad
  7. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    Dangit, this batch sold out within 6 hours, before I could get one.
    No badass portable this time...
  8. Codete

    Codete Newb

    You should write the guys, if they see there's demand..
  9. Cojiro

    Cojiro Active Member

    Do you think they might know there's demand, if the first batch sold out in 6 hours?
  10. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    That's far from their first batch

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