Introducing, the Cobalt Cube! (Commission)

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by RedmagnusX, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. RedmagnusX

    RedmagnusX Active Member

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share my latest portable Gamecube with you all. I'm calling it the Cobalt Cube. As you can see, it shares the same design as my Crimson Cubes, which is why I went with the same naming convention. Without further ado, here are the specs.

    5.6" Dalian Good Display
    480p Video via VGA modded official component cable
    480i Video via composite (work around for games that do not support 480p and cannot be forced into it with swiss)
    Original Trimmed Controller board
    Original Buttons with squishy tact switches for authentic controller feel
    Original C Stick
    Left Thumb stick cap from a Wii U Pro controller for better reliability (Original Gamecube caps tend to break down)
    Double Tact modded Triggers using my very own method
    Internal Official 251 block Memory Card
    SD Gecko Wired into slot B for use with homebrew
    Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries @ 7.4v 5200MAH
    Dedicated Charge and DC inputs
    Stereo Audio with Headphone Jack
    3D printed case designed and printed by me (treated with Acetone for Glossy-Smooth finish)
    IBM Thinkpad 380z Heat sink/fan combo
    Wiikey Fusion flashed with Swiss

    Now, some pictures!

    Here's a Video of it in action

    Thank you guys for looking!
  2. gman

    gman Well-Known Member

    I dig the 3D printed case, awesome job!
  3. RedmagnusX

    RedmagnusX Active Member

    Thanks man! It certainly makes the process faster and cleaner.
  4. gman

    gman Well-Known Member

    Did it warp? It looks like it doesn't line up perfectly.
  5. RedmagnusX

    RedmagnusX Active Member

    No, it didn't warp. It doesn't line up at the top due to the video wires inside preventing it from doing so. After some extended play time it should close up from the heat.
  6. GiaredL

    GiaredL Member

    Are those not 4 18650 imr batteries? total noob here, but how exactly would you get batteries like those to work and recharge?
  7. RedmagnusX

    RedmagnusX Active Member

    Nope, they're not actually. Regardless, you'd attach a charge circuit to the batteries and use a smart charger in order to charge them.
  8. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Awesome job ! the color is great !
    Did you buy an original Yuv cable for the 480p video ? :D
  9. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    Yes he did. He said he used an official cable.
  10. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    Nice job once again! What's your preferred retailer for the lcd? Alibaba?
  11. lyberty5

    lyberty5 Well-Known Member

    I really like the look of your case, so boxy :p
  12. RedmagnusX

    RedmagnusX Active Member

    Thank you. It's an original PCB from an Original D Terminal Cable. I didn't buy it for this though, I actually had it lying around.

    I buy my screens from Dalian Good Display on Aliexpress.

    Thank you. :)

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