Woo animation


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I got lazy and made this in an hour as a response to the official modretro theme video!

That's awesome, I think new members after they sign up should be automatically directed to that.
I did mine first, so now, we have an opening and a closing theme. So, welcome to the show!

Also, you should make your vid a response to mine, so it can getz more viewz.


I think Bibin's is cooler, but ShockSlayer does a vastly better job of showcasing ModRetro.
What joo doin', not including my smiley in the video? :hand: :(

Eh, whatever. Great video otherwise.
I like the music in SS's better (Eye of the Tiger woo) but I like bibin's video bettar, go figure. Guess why, I'm in it!
I can care less about Eye of the Tiger, overrated song. Maybe me or Bibin could do a chiptune or something like that.
Then you'd have to get some new music to match perfectly.

I vote we do a video podcast once a week/month and do SS's at the beginning, Bibin's at the end. But take off the last second or two, they suck.
Modify my video and it gets taken down :hand: It was synchronized to the music that I put some time into editing to fit within 1:20 (the song was about 4 minutes long before)