Winderz 7 for $30 w/ college e-mail!

epicelite said:
grossaffe said:
Apparently my school is giving it away for free or something.

I demand an explanation for this!
well you see, I attend what we call a "University", for which we pay lots of money. Sometimes, being a member of said University has perks, such as free software.
Hmmm. Looks like I need to call in that favor for my sister in Uni. Or my brother. Or his girlfriend. Or my other brother's girlfriend. Sometimes, family tech support does pay off.
Awesome! I am SO doing this, I am building my new desktop today, I will just run Ubuntu or something until Windows 7 comes along.
My Dad's a teacher, so he could get some cheap copies of Windows 7.

To be honest, though, I'm not sure if I'll bother getting the full version. Once the RC expires, I'm going to try my hand at Ubuntu, then I'll most likely go back to Vista unless I really like it.