Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 Updated 04/05

*** UPDATE 5 APRIL 2011 ***

geezuss i forgot to take pics of everything lol.
i finished this portable a long time ago, and it was a great learning experience. its ghetto as Heck lol.


so yeah, dont know how long it lasts yet
its only got a jumper pack in it
its wired composite
its my first portable ever
i dont like painting
im more for functionality than looks
i ran out of epoxy so it looks bleh
i know i wired the left n right c buttons backwards, its fixed now lol.

*** UPDATE 5 APRIL 2011 ***

well, everyone else has one, ill make one too i guess lol.

well so far...
PS1 Screen-Arrived, OEM
N64-in need of one, willing to trade a dreamcast, ds lite (in need of bridge fuse, psp phat, or psp for some parts
Battery-arrived, hooked up to a simple 2 pronged output for now
Case-ZN 40 and 45 arrived-using 45-cut screen hole and epoxy putty on edges
TI 3.3v reg-soldered the 100uf and 2x 1k resistors

Things in Need:
100uf cap-done
resistor for TI-done
resistors for LED mod-done
Snes Controller
brightness mod screen
squishy tact switches0-in mail
n64-waiting for epicelite to send :D
gamebits-in mail

i kind of want to fuse the best out of what i saw in other consoles.

i want to include a d pad, and incorporate a l/r button layout like one was done on someones snes, then switch it for z/l, and make the d pad control the brightness and volume as well.
i hope to fit the screen and 64 in a zn 40 alone, then put the cartridge loader and batteries external in their own enclosure screwed into the body itself.
zn 45...its just easier

one problem i am having is sometimes the cartridges dont boot. they flash a green and black screen. making sure the contacts are firm sometimes fixes the problem. other times its just turning it on and off again. anyone else have this problem?

and...picture time!





/billy mays key off

i was getting tired of not having anything to do, so being board-less and controller-less
i decided to work on the case.

a little over an hour later from measuring, using the trusty dremel, and cutting with a razor i have this!




and i found a gamecube controller AND a 360 controller!
now what im going to use out of them idk...maybe the d pad and shoulder buttons?

mad props to all the frankenstein case modders out there. easier said than done



used putty epoxy and made the sides flush. went through a whole sheet of 100 grit getting it down
mounted the start button and the A,B,and C buttons
sized the lcd board down to fit in the case
d pad tomorrow for sure, and the analog as well if somebody would tell me the diameter hole needed for the joystick to be even
*cough *cough MICHAELTHURSTON!

anyways as soon as my game bits get here the soldering begins

pics of progress thus far vVv




my mid-terms are almost over, and i decide to work on the p64
my buttons came in, YAY
i hooked up my c's, a, b, and start.
i cannot for the life of god do a cartridge slot relocation!!!!!!!! jesus f'ing christ!
ive done this twice today, and like 7 other times before, on 3 different boards!
i must not be doing something right (duhh) so i have come to the conclusion of commissioning someone to do it for me.
i could send 2 boards, 2 cartridge slots, and some wire if needed.

Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

and yes, i know, double post, but the first one will be edited as time goes on, so this one is independent.

upon much thinking, i think i should try to get the hot glue off and re-solder the connector. it was dumb of me to glue all that S*** down at once :oops:

think i should risk it? i mean, it should load games every time. the flashing green screen, i assume, means theres some connection not making enough contact.

your thoughts?
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

Yeah, give it a shot. Also, have you removed the AV port yet? If you've soldered anything there, make sure nothing's bridged.
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

so i took the glue off, wasnt as hard as i thought, just time consuming. ive relocated the Dang thing 3 times now! every time it works, but its touchy. sometimes the screen gives the green flash, sometimes it plays, and sometimes it goes like inbetween, the screen shows green, but the hues change.

i know the 64 works, maybe the ide cable is just too thin. i know ive seen SS relocate and its worked, but do you guys think it could be that there isnt enough current flowing between the contacts? maybe i should use copper ethernet cable.

for those who have relocated with ide, have you had the same problems? and if you did get it to work did moving the cable, cartridge, or console a little freeze up the game?

its my first portable yall, you have to start somewhere right? haha

one positive thing out of this whole thing, i think my soldering skills have improved by 3 :D
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

IDE cable works perfect and can be made pretty long. You must have shorts somewhere or cold solder connections. Or the cart slot pins on the inside are not making good connections. I have had bad cart slot pins before.



Triple check your soldering using a magnifying glass and a bright light :)
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

Hail, the way you did that...It's so Dang unnecessary! XD

Then again in my 2nd N64p I extended the cart slot with 12 inches of wire to move it 2 inches.

Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

that does not seem globin worthy :hit:
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

thanks for all the help you guys, ill be trying to relocate it again today if i have time
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

i put wire through each hole on the board, soldered it onto the other side, took all day, and it STILL refuses to work. this makes it the, oh i dont know, 4th or 5th time ive relocated it. its really starting to bug me as my zn 40 and zn 45 cases came in today, and one of my bt 50 batteries came in yesterday. this is the ONLY THING thats stopping me from continuing...wtf, i know how to solder, why wont this work??
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

If the system is pissing you off, just buy a replacement from Jlee in the meanwhile. It'll let you make progress now, and you can always figure out this mobo later.
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

just did, thanks.
im gonna try one more time, if it doesnt work, ill prob end up chunking the board or practically give it away.
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

have you used different cable each time?
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 (no name atm)

after 2 tries with the same cable i switched

i strip the ends and get fresh exposed wires though
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 Updated 12/11

...who wants to trade? look at what i have to offer

i really need a board and controller

do it pretty please!!!!!!!!!

and check out the updates i put up!
Re: Ubernoober's WIP Portable N64 Updated 12/22

epic bump of justice!

hehe, updated!
and take a look at the n64 trading program under the junkyard too!