The Wingman ( NESp )


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What is "The Wingman", you ask?
It is the name of my NESp project. It is named this because the case comes from the base of a joystick named the Wingman something-ruther. The actual name of the joystick is irrelevant.

What I have so far:
Pretty much just the case, which is :awesome:


If you're wondering about the gaping hole in the back, I will be plexiglassing that, and LEDing it up! Make it look nice and sexeh. Or actually I'm just realizing the cartridge will go there :(

I also have a fairly good battery, 2600mAh. It has separate charge/discharge ports, LED battery life indicator, charging indicator, and both a wall charger and car charger.

I have a screen lined up to be ordered as well. Psone screen, 5" of goodness, for that full Dr. Mario and Donkey Kong retro experience :awesome:

I have to NES consoles I will be aquiring as well. An NES for $10 from a friend, everything but games, and an NES without games ( I really need to find some games ) with some "cosmetic case problems" ( as if it matters :awesome: ).

So, yeah. I guess this is my worklog for The Wingman!

"The Wingman will be *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing legendary," as says my friend Wade.
I do not recommend buying that replacement at all. The site charges so much for shipping and handling that in the end you end up paying 18 dollars for a cartidge slot.

get one from a game genie.
^ Much better idea. I did the same thing for my genesis a while back. Just make sure that the pins aren't too corroded on the part where you insert the game. I bought a Gameshark for n64, and the pins snapped right off when I tried to lift one up.
I think I won't need one, as I'm just gonna buy a Yobo toploader RES. I don't really like the death grip cart slots, but I think for a portable that would be ideal, since it will be moved around a lot.
Oh, I just assumed you were using an actual NES. Since it's a clone, then just use what came with it.
Ordered my screen :awesome:

I also decided on an original NES. Since I will be getting three for free :awesome:
I'd be cool with that. If I can fit it into a small flat rate I'll do $15 shipped. Let me get my hands on them and make sure they're in working order, first.

Angelfraster, yes. With the batteries, yes. With the screen as well, I do not know yet. Given it isn't horrendously thick, i should fit it with no further case mods.
Ok, PM me when you get them.

Also, will it come with controllers or power/a/v cords or things like that? Because if it does, you can keep them and sell them to someone else, I only care about the base system.

EDIT: Actually, a controller would be nice, as long as it's 1st party. I'll obviously need a NES IC and buttons.
Got all of my electronic parts at Radio shack last night, except they didn't have a 4021 Shift Register, which my guide says is needed for building the controller. Is it vital?
Hohoho, just kidding! If I'f paid any attention I would've known the 4021 Shift Register comes from the NES controller! :awesome:

Also, the screen came! It's grand. And it looks like everything now will fit into the case, except I haven't thrown in a controller as well yet. I'll be testing thst soon!
I just got home from football and started the Anti-Glare Mod. Four hours from now it will be ready to LED mod!
Quick question! When it is said "IDE cable or other suitable wire", what is "other suitable wire"? Is there other suitable wire that is commonly found that I can salvage? i.e. in phone lines, A/V cords, RF cords, or any kind of cord? Because I have flax tons of all of those.

av cable wire is good, but I only suggest that you use wire from first paty ones. The 3rd party ones usually have crappy wires that break easily.
So first party from a game system or first party from what?

Also, it is for LED modding a Psone screen.
I'd suggest wires from a genesis controller, if you have one. Lots of different colors to keep an organized pattern going, plus there's about seven pretty long wires. Otherwise, speaker wire is like eight bucks for a huge roll, and is really strong once you have it in place.
Types of wire depends on application and personal preference. Oh, and what you have of course. You'll want stranded wire for most applications. Get somewhere from 22 AWG to 28AWG. Speaker wire, controller wire, AV cable wire (inside the cable) and ribbon cable strands are all stranded. Stranded is flexy but can fray and short and depending on quality may break easy. Ribbon is nice and easy to organize, and easy to find, but usually crap. Solid wire is not as flexy but stays where you put it, mostly. It likes to break but it's easier to solder. Newer, thinner ribbon cable is solid wire. There's also wirewrapping wire, which is a really thin solid wire. It's really only necessary for things like RCP relocations and other things involving tiny pins. Most importantly use common sense. Don't use huge wire for things like cart slot relocation. Save it for power wiring, which should ideally be 16 or 18 AWG wire, stranded. Use stranded for wires that are going to be folded or flexed a lot. Use solid when you want things to stay in place. Don't buy new wire, it's usually a ripoff.