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grossaffe said:
rules of TOOC, must use exact quote. cannot remove parts from the middle of the post, just the beginning and the end

post out of context or modified quotes. doesnt have to be from m.r..

you know, "palmertechs luscious firm body" type stuff. :awesome:
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(23::3:8:59) eurddrue: might as well go big
(23::3:9:09) eurddrue: or it doesn't feel good
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(15:47:55) eurddrue: I'm a pedophile
(15:47:59) ShockSlayer: you suck at this game, drue
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(17:59::3:4) kylechu: I called it
(17:59::3:9) PalmerTech: No, I did
(17:59:42) PalmerTech: Look higher up
(17:59:44) kylechu: Don't try to offer him a reasonable amount for it
(17:59:46) PalmerTech: I was the first to call it
(17:59:48) PalmerTech: Ojk guys
(17:59:50) PalmerTech: I purged
(17:59:52) PalmerTech: press F5
(17:59:54) kylechu: I'm too busy trying to lowball it
(17:59:55) PalmerTech: Fixes some bugs
(18:00:18) AfroLH: :awesomepalmer:
(18:00:23) snowpenguin: what bugs?
(18:00::3:4) AfroLH: Cricket
(18:00::3:8) AfroLH: Grasshopper
(18:00:40) AfroLH: Ant
(18:00:42) AfroLH: Worm
(18:00:43) kylechu: Where did you call BP's 360?
(18:00:46) AfroLH: Fly
(18:00:48) snowpenguin: "well now i am making 2 pics in8-10 hours"
(18:00:49) PalmerTech: Did you all press F5?
(18:00:54) AfroLH: Yes I did
(18:00:55) snowpenguin: yes.
(18:01:10) PalmerTech: Good
(18:01:25) PalmerTech: no way to prove I did not call dibs on the 360 first now! :twisted:
(18:01::3:0) AfroLH: :bacawesome::billymays::awesomeafro::awesomepalmer::ssawesome::awesomebanhammer::awesomebeta::awesomebibin::awesomemario::awesomeozzy:
(18:01::3:9) PalmerTech: My word against yours, I win the 360!
(18:01:42) PalmerTech: :awesomepalmer::awesomepalmer::awesomepalmer:
(18:01:48) snowpenguin: Oh wow.
(18:02:07) kylechu: You're an admin on the forum that "unjustly" banned him though
(18:02:10) kylechu: I win the day
(18:02:17) snowpenguin: HMF asked: what do you mean car reguator?

Playstationpaw1 answered: yes
(18:02:20) AfroLH: Thats why We Had to press F5?
(18:02:22) PalmerTech: Yes
(18:02:27) PalmerTech: XD
(18:02::3:2) PalmerTech: Also, Snow
(18:02::3:3) PalmerTech: I saw that
(18:02::3:5) AfroLH: :awesomepalmer:
(18:02::3:6) PalmerTech: best quote ever
(18:02::3:7) PalmerTech: XD
(18:02:42) kylechu: That was my siggy for a while
(18:02:43) snowpenguin: I know.
(18:02:43) PalmerTech: And I was just kidding
(18:02:51) PalmerTech: you can have dibs on 360
(18:02:57) PalmerTech: I do not need one anyways
(18:02:58) PalmerTech: ;)
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Snowpenguin, I'm not sure if you understand the concept of OUT of context. that belongs in the chat quotes thread, not the out of context thread.
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(15:47:40) Zero: I meant kickback, but if you wanna do it too...the more the merrier
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(20:43:27) CHATROOM: : Attention: This is ShockSlayer. It's time to usher in, A FALCON KYICK!
(20:43:28) CHATROOM: chilidogs has been logged out (Kicked).
(20:43::3:5) AfroLH: Lol I dont know who he is, i just like *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing with you guys
(20:43:41) Zero: haha
(20:43:41) ShockSlayer: I kicked him for /kick chilidogs 99999999999999999999999
(20:43:44) ShockSlayer: lol
(20:43:47) snowpenguin: What?
(20:43:48) Zero: god one afro
(20:43:49) ShockSlayer: He wont ever login again.
(20:43:54) Zero: *good
(20:44:11) ShockSlayer: thats how many minutes, so, according to my DSi...that.........
(20:44:13) snowpenguin: Really SS?
(20:44:26) snowpenguin: That's pretty harsh don't you think?
(20:44::3:5) AfroLH: Snow, did you hear me?
(20:44::3:6) ShockSlayer: no
(20:44:44) Zero: it is
(20:44:48) snowpenguin: yes.
(20:45:02) AfroLH: XD
(20:45:05) snowpenguin: he kept us entertained
(20:45:14) Zero: yup
(20:45:16) ShockSlayer: OVER 9000 YEARS!
(20:45:22) ShockSlayer: OMG!
(20:45:23) Zero: haha
(20:45:25) snowpenguin: harsh mister SS, Harsh.
(20:45::3:6) ShockSlayer: lol, I can unban him later if I feel like

(20:46:20) Zero: "you know how hard core I am?" "No, how hardcore?" "I banned someone for over 9000 years for not talking!"


Re: Out of context quotes thread

(21:14::3:3) CHATROOM: Kickback has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14::3:7) CHATROOM: AfroLH has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14:42) CHATROOM: robm has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14:46) CHATROOM: snowpenguin has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14:51) CHATROOM: themadhacker has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14:54) CHATROOM: Zero has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:14:57) eurddrue: AH
(21:14:59) CHATROOM: eurddrue has been logged out (Kicked).
(21:15:04) ShockSlayer: :ssawesome:
(21:15:11) CHATROOM: jleemero logs into the Chat.
(21:15:21) ShockSlayer: Hiiiiiiiii.
(21:15:22) jleemero: Having fun I see?
Re: Out of context quotes thread

SS, don't be a snow-penguin and post chat-quotes in the Taken out of Context thread!
its all in good fun my frozen fowl friend; all in good fun. :cool:

edit: okay that sunglasses smiley is NOT the picture I clicked on. it should link to this one: