Steam64! New portable+Worklog!

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DNT 2.5

Meet the SPY!
Okay, This time for real!
My plan is to make an N64 portable that embraces the Steampunk Style of technology, and for those who do not know what Steampunk is...

Yes, So, The C-buttons will be the U, D, R, L keys of an old typewriter, the A and B buttons will also be from the type writer, and the shoulder buttons will be the two blank Space keys. I plan on using model aircraft sheet brass (Thy goldish/yellow stuff) and metal working a faceplate for the screen, I am planning on polished Brass around the screen and behind the joystick, C-buttons, and A and B buttons. I am Undecided on the screen, I may use a portable DVD player screen, I am going to custom make the batteries most likely NI-cads, or If I can afford it, Li-po

Current status!: Gathering Materials, and getting a job to pay for them!
Sweet, I can't wait to see the final result. That's going to be f**king awesome.
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